On March 12th, 2015, andy was summoned from the depths of AWS to serve its bidding. Andy is a virtual server in a virtual cloud on a virtual planet called Amazon.

On April 11th, 2011, simone was commissioned in order to be the eventual home of all Xidus.Net services. Simone is a virtual server with Superb Internet.

On November 9th, 2005, a new server named cassie was commissioned with Superb Internet, with the goal of consolidating all Xidus.Net services to this one server.

On July 27th, 2001, Xidus.Net moved to a new server hosted by PogoLinux, and colocated at Above.Net (now mfn.com) in Seattle, WA. The hardware is monitored 24/7, and datacenter-class UPSes are employed to insure against power outages of ANY duration. The datacenter is very well connected to Above.Net's extensive backbone via multiple OC-48 links, and the network performance is very impressive.

ondine, added in December of 2001, is also colocated with Above.Net in Seattle. It provides additional resources for customers with special requirements, and handles backups for all accounts.

percy was commissioned in March of 2002, and hosts standard MU* accounts.


- Xeon E5405 1.4GHz equivalent
- 2G RAM
- 160G disk
- Virtually located in Seattle

- Pentium 4 2.6Ghz
- 1G RAM
- 180G disk
- Colocated at Superb Internet, Seattle
ondine (decommissioned)

- Pentium III 933Mhz
- 512M RAM
- 80G disk
- Backup storage server
- Colocated at Above.Net, Seattle
percy (decommissioned)

- Pentium III 733Mhz
- 512M RAM
- 40G disk
- Colocated at Above.Net, Seattle

Ancient History

From July 27th, 2001 to Jan. 15th, 2004, Xidus.Net's primary server was named notslimy, which was a P3/1.0Ghz with 256M of RAM. It was decomissioned on Jan. 15th, 2004.

From Nov. 21st, 2000 to Jul. 27th, 2001, Xidus.Net was hosted on a server named foon, which was a P166 with 128M of RAM. It was decomissioned on Sept. 5th, 2001 as a Xidus.Net server, but continued to serve as a DSL gateway and web server for several years.

From May 10th, 1999 until November 21st, 2000, Xidus.Net was hosted on a 486/100 with 32M of RAM, the previous owner of the name 'foon'.

Various services are available at Xidus.Net... you're welcome to host your website here, your text-based game here, or anything else you can think of. Please contact Jeremy Weatherford for more information.

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