Xidus.Net is a great place to start a new text-based game, or host your existing game. Website hosting is also available. Packages are very flexible. If you have specific requirements that are not mentioned here, please contact Xidus (xidus (at) xidus (dot) net). The packages currently offered are as follows:

Xidus.Net specializes in MU* hosting. For info about web hosting, please see the web-hosting page.

All accounts include...
- shell access via SSH and FTP
- mail service: one POP3/IMAP box, plus redirects
- Webservice with CGI, PHP4, etc...
- Free subdomain (*.xidus.net)
- Free hosting for any domain that you register
- $15/yr domain registration through OpenSRS
- bandwidth: 5GB/mo max, $5/GB/mo extra

See below for specific packages...

Price Mem Disk CPU
Basic $10/mo 10M 150M 3%
Growing $20/mo 30M 300M 3%
Active $30/mo 50M 1G 6%
Advanced $40/mo 100M 2G 12%

All accounts start out at the basic $10/mo rate. After the first month, your account will be billed based on actual usage. Allowances will be made for temporary peaks in usage.

In general, memory usage will be the determining factor for your monthly rate. Disk quotas are generally very flexible, and CPU usage is usually around 1-2% for most stock codebases.

Payments can be made yearly, with a 2 month discount. In other words, you can pay $100/yr instead of $10/mo, saving $20 yearly. Payments can also be made biyearly, with a 1/2 month discount. There are currently no special discounts for other periods. Payments are accepted via check, money order, and PayPal. Allowances can be made for special circumstances and non-US currencies.

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